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Pacific Bluefin Tuna (Part One)

Jun 6

Salt Dreamer

Pacific Bluefin Tuna (Part One)

Featuring Hitoshi Suzuki

Genre: Saltwater Offshore Fishing
Actor: Hitoshi Suzuki
Location: Aomori, Japan
Runtime: 57 minutes
Quality: HD
Release: 2017

Salt Dreamer is the show where Hitoshi Suzuki of Shimano’s pro staff goes head to head with the ocean’s biggest game fish using casting lures. In this episode Suzuki visits the Aomori Prefecture, Japan, in hopes of landing a monster size bluefin tuna. Equipped with the best tackle and gear that Shimano has to offer, he sets sail in search of schools of feeding tuna. Will Suzuki be successful catching this legendary fish known to reach gargantuan sizes?