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Iso Fishing for Black Fish in Okinoshima

Jun 6

Legend and Legacy

Iso Fishing for Black Fish in Okinoshima

Featuring Minoru Matsuda

Genre: Iso Fishing
Angler: Minoru Matsuda
Location: Okinoshima, Japan
Runtime: 55 minutes
Quality: HD

Iso fishing – meaning rocky shores in Japanese – is one of the many traditional ways of fishing in Japan. While reading the current and observing fish behavior with pinpoint chumming, anglers make pinpoint presentations to catch a number of hard fighting species. Out of these the most prized are tow subspecies of blackfish, or “Gure” in Japanese. Of the two subspecies, the smallscale blackfish poses to be one of the most prized as it is an extremely cautious fish and a hard fighter. Being able to catch a smallscale blackfish over 25 inches is considered the benchmark for an angler to have reached mastery in Iso fishing.
The show “Legend & Legacy” features Minoru Matsuda, a legendary Iso angler who’s daring style and unparalleled techniques has earned him the title “Kisai,” meaning genius in Japanese. With his mission to pass down his knowledge to younger generations of Iso anglers, he travels Japan with his apprentices in search of massive blackfish.