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Catching Red Seabream with Saltwater Rubber Jigs

Jun 6

D:z Salt

Catching Red Sreabream with Saltwater Rubber Jigs

Featuring Makoto Nakai

Genre: Saltwater Offshore Fishing
Angler: Makoto Nakai
Location: Ehime, Japan
Runtime: 55 minutes
Quality: HD
Release: 2017

“Tai Rubber,” a style of Japanese saltwater jigs, is a method for catching sea bream that has become popular in recent years. Being a fairly new method, the kabura lure still undergoes improvement and the techniques is still being refined. In the show D:z SALT the host Makoto Nakai – the pioneer in the technique and a Daiwa field tester – travels throughout Japan to come up with means to utilize kabura lures to the fullest extent.