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Tenkara with Hisao Ishigaki

Jun 6

Fishing Café

Tenkara with Hisao Ishigaki

Featuring Hisao Ishigaki

Genre: Tenkara
Angler: Hisao Ishigaki
Location: Nagano, Japan
Runtime: 52 minutes 20 minutes
Quality: HD
Release: 2017

Fishing Café is the show that introduces fishing techniques in Japan. In this episode, Hisao Ishigaki takes us on a journey to discover the secrets of the Japanese fly fishing style, Tenkara. With only a rod, the line and a fly, Tenkara is one of the simplest ways of fishing and has gained much popularity over recent years. Despite this modern phenomenon, Tenkara has been around in Japan over 100 years. Dr. Ishigaki takes us to learn the history behind this simple yet deep technique of Japanese fly fishing.