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Alligator Gar in Texas (Part One)

Jun 6

Fish Combat Match!

Alligator Gar in Texas (Part One)

Featuring Hajime Murata

Genre: Freshwater Bait Fishing
Angler: Hajime Murata
Location: Texas, United States
Runtime: 55 minutes
Quality: HD
Release: 2017

Watch as one of the most famous anglers in Japan, Hajime “Jim” Murata, seeks out monstrous fish throughout the world in Fish Combat Match. Whether it be in the tropical waters of the Amazon or the icy rivers of Russia, Murata will travel to the ends of the earth to find a formidable finned opponent. As the pro staff and fishing demonstrator for Shimano, Murata exhibits amazing accuracy with his casting and exquisite manipulation of his lure. Every fishing enthusiast can be sure that they will enjoy this show while learning new techniques at the same time.

This time, Murata visits Texas to battle the monstrous alligator gar! With a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and reaching lengths of up to 10 feet, the alligator gar is no easy opponent. Under the blistering hot Texan sun, Murata sets out onto the treacherous waters of southern Texas!