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Silver Salmon in Russia

Aug 8

Hyper Expert

Silver Salmon in Russia

Featuring Kenji Sugisaka

Genre: Salmon Fishing
Angler: Kenji Sugisaka
Location: Idaho, United States
Runtime: 57 minutes
Quality: HD
Release: 2017

Hyper Expert “Salmon Tactics” is a show that focuses on fly fishing for numerous species of salmon.   In this episode, our host, Kenji Sugisaka, will travel to the great rivers of Russia to fish for coho salmon.  However, he is met with murky rivers unfit for fly fishing upon arrival.   Sugisaka, “the Hyper Expert,” analyzes the conditions and begins devising an effective strategy.  Watch the owner of the fly fishing tackle company, Ken Cube, break down his tactics and prove his hypothesis on the fish that he has fished for decades.